Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Two more days this week, and then the big day is next Tuesday. You know, the four-letter T-word.

We've been continuing to review all the skills. Last week we worked on f!gurative language, a little. They haven't mastered it at all, but all we needed for the T3ST was a basic introduction so they could recognize. We'll definitely work on it more, a lot, later.

Over the weekend the homework assignment was to reflect on all of our t3st pr3p, and write about what things have been effective for them to use on the test, and which skills or practice will not be useful, and which skills and strategies they need more practice with, along with suggestions for classwork to help improve those skills. Awesome, right?

When I finally read them on Tuesday morning, and noticed definite trends--poetry, writing, vocab, inferencing--I changed my 'plans'. [Note: I don't 'write' 'lessons.' I write up the topics to cover, and I try to come up with homework and maybe warm-ups. The actual teaching seems spontaneous, though it's not, because I've done or thought about it all before.] So we practiced with another set of poetry yesterday, and today we worked on vocab and inferences. For the thousandth time, I reminded them of the importance of GOING BACK TO THE PASS#GE to find either the answer or clues.

We'll also be working on--a little bit--identifying what each quest!on asks. When you understand the quest!on, and you go to the pass#ge, you can do the task effectively, and you will not get tricked, which will give you the correct answers and as many points as possible. Simple!

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Ms. H said...

I get the creeping sense that you and I have been teaching parallel lessons, and you've been doing a better job teaching them than I have. I'll try to share some quotes from my kids' self-assessments tomorrow.