Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Word from my Sponsors (I wish)

These are some things I can't travel without. Most of them are from ebags.com, which luckily for you, has a big sale going on right now! If you are a traveler in general, and/or you have an upcoming trip, I highly recommend them, and right now they're cheaper than usual. These packing cubes are a lifesaver. The three of them fit perfectly in a rolling suitcase 20-22". It prevents overpacking (of clothes, at least), and it makes your hotel/hostel stay extremely easy, because everything stays together! These cubes go on all trips with me.

You know how all toiletry bags are bulky and thick, and take up way too much room, and don't fit all your products to boot? Well, this toiletry kit is another complete lifesaver. It is amazing! It holds everything you need and it's less than two inches thick. And as you see, bottles are included, which would run ten bucks separately. The middle section opens and hangs, and there are three zippered pockets on the ends. They don't seem that big, but you can really cram a lot of stuff in there. It's all I need, and another product I never leave at home.Obviously, one always needs a good bag. I just bought this one, and it worked pretty well in Amsterdam. It's got the cover flap which buckles down, and underneath that the main pocket has a zipper, so it's very secure. There's a regular open pocket at the back, perfect for a guidebook or notebook. The front small pockets were perfect for tram tickets and iPod.

I never even leave the house without music. This past summer I received a hand-me-down (which equals FREE) mini iPod, and it totally changed my life. I was happy with my discman and CDs for many years, but the shuffle feature alone makes the iPod the best thing ever. I know, welcome to 2004, right? Yeah, well. The 4GB means I have to juggle albums, but it's not like I want to listen to every single album anyway. And sometime in the next year, I'll update to a sleek new shiny one, big enough to keep all the music plus back up all the digital photos on my computer. Anyway, hurrah iPod for being the most necessary nonnecessity of all time.

With my lovely iPod, I was excited about the possible soundtrack of my overseas trip, but very worried about the limited battery life. And how come no one else seems to talk about this? This battery back up unit is fantastic, and only twenty bucks! You plug it in to the iPod dock thing, and the unit holds four AA batteries and powers the iPod. AND, it charges the battery of the iPod! Bonus! Here's a close up:

Um, I know this all sounds cheesy and forced, but I swear by all of these products. If you get any of them, I know you will love them too. (I got the first two for Boyfriend and he likes them already!) Obviously, I didn't mean it when I said 'sponsors,' but if anyone emails me and wants to...awesome. :)


Mr. Lawrence said...

Thanks for the link to the Belkin back-up device - I almost forgot I needed one of those.

Two things I've found very handy when overseas are (a.) Airborne tablets to avoid getting sick and (b.) one of those multi-plug adapters for those 'crazy' European sockets when I need to power up the old laptop. ;-)

NYC Educator said...

20% offon ebags with this code:


expires January 14th, so if you really need that bag, hurry up.

Miss Profe said...

I have ordered many items from ebags.com for family and for me. It is the #1 source for bags and storage items around. And, the rec. for the Belkin device -my brother and I could have used one during our trip to England and Scotland last summer. So, I will pass along to my brother. I, on the other hand, will check out the storage cubes.:)

BTW: I am glad you returned safely from your trip.