Thursday, January 04, 2007

What To Eat in Amsterdam...When You Don't Eat Anything

First night's dinner: crackers and Gouda cheese, a banana, mango juice, a salad with tasty yogurt dressing.
...and dessert: chocolate mousse in a cup! and real Fanta! And applebeignets--YUM.
Europe always has weird flavored salty snacks. You see some regular flavored chips, but you also see flavors like ketchup, or baked ham, or paprika, or sweet thai something. I tried some paprika salty straw things...and they were nasty. Blech. Happily, an applebeignet made it all better. So did some more chocolate mousse. Chocolate mousse makes everything better!

More Fanta, mousse, and some weird pear yogurt.

Mmm, more cheese and crackers!

See? Don't you want some chocolate mousse? That's dark chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel, all in one tasty and cheap cup.

Low Country treats: chocolate dipped waffle on the left, and oliebollen on the right: a big round fried dough ball dipped in powdered sugar.

A giant stroopwafel: two superthin waffles with sweet syrup in between.

"Cool American" chips and Sisi soda. And the awesomest thing ever: generic nutella in an individual packet! I saved it.


Nancy said...

What, no pancakes!? Aiee. Pancake House was easily my favorite food joint when I was there.

NYC Educator said...

If I ate like that I'd gain 30 pounds in a week. said...

WOW! Those American chips were cool! Did you go to Burger King and order a Royal with cheese?