Monday, January 15, 2007


Someone's blog mentioned the alleged face-recognition site I'm pretty sure I'd been there before and checked it out, but hey, it's the last night of the weekend and I'm not doing anything (thank god! woohoo!). So I uploaded a picture, a close up, one where I'm wearing glasses (because I usually am). And the 'facial recognition' first came up with Elvis Costello. There were a total of ten people that I 'looked like', eight of them men wearing glasses, including Elton John and Larry King.

Oh, brother, PLEASE! Are you kidding with this?

I uploaded another picture, without glasses, face angled off to the side. Thankfully, no MEN on the list this time. Now the number one person I look like is BEYONCE (PS, shut up, Beyonce. I will forever go TO THE RIGHT, TO THE RIGHT, to forever avoid you and your repetitive 'songs'). And every other equally-unlikely person on the list (Grace Kelly and Raquel Welch!?) was also facing the same angle.

Now it's just laughable. DUH, stupid website. You suck.


Ax said...

That's hilarious!!! said...

That website thought I looked like Mel Gibson (before he hated jews.)

and David Arquette (I don't know what he thinks of Jews.)