Friday, January 19, 2007

What a Day...

Wow! Real snow! What a treat. And shock.

How charming! The sink unit gracefully sitting on the curb, gathering a lovely coating of snow. Ahh, New York.

There, black and white makes it much prettier.

Ooh, frozen trees!

Clearly, the day started off in a lovely way. The 'teaching' day involved a crossword to practice homophones, synonyms and antonyms. The kids totally loved it. They got to work in partners, and they did very well. I heard plenty of accountable talk! ...I just hope it wasn't copying off one another.
So there was a ton of noise and craziness, especially because I changed their seats and they were restless. But I gritted my teeth and allowed it in that situation. Next week we'll get down to business.
After school, my friend and I went out for one of our occasional Margarita Fridays.. We had tasty frozen margaritas and chips and salsa, and vented our frustrations with all things school-related. It was great!
An hour and a half later, we headed back out into the evening snow. The plan was to refill the meter and grab some chocolatey dessert. Only...the car was not there.
Oh, shit.
I called 311, because I didn't know what else to do. The operator assured me with his helpful script, "I can help you with that." That involved a transfer to an automated message line, where I had to enter the state of registration and license plate, each digit requiring at least three keystrokes. Argh!
The voice confirmed that my car had indeed been towed. It gave me a phone number and the cost to retrieve my little car: $185! I called the number, like a fool hoping someone would actually answer. Ha!
My friend (who stuck around for excellent moral support) and I decided to ask the police for more information. There we got a real phone number (conveniently it had closed a mere five minutes prior) and the address of the impound lot.
So there goes my plans and energy for tomorrow's fun culture day in the city (a museum, live music, and a great bar with old and new friends).
I think this means that the teacher-blogger happy hour will be postponed. Let's put it on our calendars for next Friday or Saturday. What do you think?
Gah. I have to go line up a car service to take me to the car lot, and then sleep restlessly, worrying about things.
Happy Friday night, friends.


Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

by the way, im sorry about your car and all but im really glad the gathering was postponed because now i can go... i ended up not going out at all saturday night because i'm siiiiick. so keep us updated. inquiring minds want to know!!