Sunday, January 25, 2009


The ever-plucky, good-grammarian Moose , yet another of my favorite bloggers, linked to a new project called Grace in Small Things. I really like the idea and will try to participate as a way to keep me more positive and grateful. A million times a day something bothers, irritates, or angers me, and occasionally I think to myself, hm, maybe all that negativity isn't so healthy? This might be a productive way to consciously track the path of my thoughts.

My list for today (still Sunday night since I haven't gone to bed yet):
1. No more Sunday night anxiety about going Back To School.
2. Freshly fried potatoes.

3. Sitting and reading for hours on end, just because.

4. Libraries and FREE BOOKS! (I'm going to visit the library again in the next day or two, even though I haven't finished all the ones I got last time--just because I can! woo!)

5. Frosting right out of the can. Yeah, I said it.


I spent several hours (what? i'm unemployed!) reading through Pundit Kitchen. Like 140 pages of it. What?

down down down...sad face

up up up, ooh, happy face!
tracking, saving, posting? blog whore face.

Miss Cellania linked to this hilarious song parody for the Grammar Nazis in all of us!

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