Monday, January 19, 2009

snow walk

It is SO COLD in our apartment today. The heat and hot water were off from two nights ago until late afternoon today. My poor hands are like icicles. I wore gloves most of yesterday--INDOORS.

I ventured outside into the colder cold for lunch. It was a meeting of the minds, the original bunch of NYC teacher bloggers: Ms Frizzle, Ms M, wockerjabby, Nancy, and X! Nancy and her hubby brought their adorable little one too.

After the fun, I walked home (it wasn't too terribly far and it's free!), enjoying the snowflakes falling everywhere, and taking plenty of pictures with my nifty fifty.
The heat was on for less than an hour before being gone again. GOD, I hate being cold in my own apartment. Thankfully, the radiators have been hissing mightily for a few minutes, so maybe my hands will warm up to normal temperature sometime soon.

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Anonymous said...

That's original before me. But you are the most original of all...

No heat sucks. Sorry.