Saturday, January 10, 2009

Unemployment, Day Two

First, I slept in until 12.30. BRILLIANT. I can't wait to do more of that. I haven't spent nearly enough time in bed this year.

When I went to move my car, I discovered it was broken into AGAIN. This time the thieves took the two bags of clothes I was going to donate. They also neatly piled the contents of the glove box on the passenger seat. I suppose they were looking for money or valuable electronics? This was really not the kind of experience to make my week any better, but I guess it could be worse. I think my insurance should cover it (again) and obviously now I have time to sit around a repair shop.

Just now I sent out applications for six jobs, some photography related and some just office related.

My original goals for the day were to watch some Netflix movies and start reading the books I got at the neighborhood library. Neither of those got accomplished, so I will have to work hard to catch up tomorrow!

Last night a student from my second year of teaching added me on Facebook. She and all her smart peers are now in high school! Way to make me feel old.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Bed time is always good time. I hope you get more of it during this unexpected break!

Saii said...

u know what?
when I'm done with teaching, I wanna be a PHOTOGRAPHER!!! just like you! we have dreams in common!

it would b great if you could get a job in the field of photography!

ohh reading is always a good thing to do!!


God bless u!

Angela said...

Man, you just can't catch a break, can you? I'm sorry about the theft.

I'm always interested in seeing your photos...and catching details about your neighborhood...I suspect you are quite close to where my fiancee lives, and it's cool to see some familiar sights (such as those beautiful Christmas lights they hang each year over the streets).

Schoolgal said...

Sorry about your car. Once my friend left a bag full of school papers in my car near the Brooklyn Museum, and it got broken into. From that day, I never park my car with stuff in it.

Watch out with the insurance, because they will raise a premium based on these types of events. I didn't report anything that fell within the deductible. And if you told the insurance company that you take your car to work, let them know that you no longer use the car for work. It might save you money. Every 3 years I take the Defensive Driving course to get a discount on my comprehensive.
The UFT offers these courses for $25. Other places are much more expensive.

Do you also take advantage of the Netflix Watch Instantly? They have such a great selection to watch over the computer and it's free and untimed. It used to be 17hours a month, but now it's unlimited. If you have a Mac you can still get it by downloading Silverlight.

This year I have decided the New Year will begin on Jan. 20th :) so everything that happens between the 1-19 doesn't count.