Monday, January 12, 2009

Unemployment Day Four: Productivity?

I actually completed everything on my list today!

First I slept in. (That wasn't on my list.) I set my alarm for 10ish, to prevent super sluggishness. It only sort of worked, as I let the radio alarm stay on for another hour.

I lugged BF's laundry down the street a bit later. I had volunteered to do it for him since he does nice things for me and doesn't have much time on the weekends, and I've now got nothing but time. It was actually a good thing because a)it forced me to get dressed and leave the apartment and b)it forced me to start reading a library book, which apparently I find hard to do at home, what with the internet, DVR, and PS2 to tempt me.

Made some phone calls about job stuff and car stuff. I am not active in the DOE, which is probably a blessing. It might be too easy to fall back on subbing. The money would be nice, but I'll figure something out. (I hope.) One part of my car will get fixed tomorrow, and another part later in the week, so that's good too.

Last night I finally picked up the knitting project that I abandoned last month and made some good progress on it. It is a little gray purse; I'm knitting a red strap for it and I'll have to resew the sides since the first time I folded it unevenly. I'm thinking about trying to make some kind of flower or star design on the front, in red, to make the gray less boring.

I sent out another batch of resumes, for both part-time and full-time officey and photographey things. I got my first official rejection too, from a photography place in NJ. I have sent a total of fourteen or so since last Monday, which I think is not too shabby for two business days of unemployment. Also, why is it so difficult to track down and apply to temp agencies in this town? Sheesh.

Interestingly, I have not been reading a lot of blogs, or catching up on flickr, or taking a ton of pictures, or playing any videogames...or cleaning my apartment, or snacking ceaselessly. I imagine that soon enough I will get to those things; maybe the newness of my nonsituation is affecting what I'm doing and how I'm thinking about it. I have, however, been making excellent strawberry-banana smoothies. Turns out the secret to them, like so much of life, is more ice cream!

Tomorrow I have to go into the city in the afternoon, which is good because I don't know how long I can keep up this relentless pace of domesticity. And by that I mean that I will probably get very bored very quickly. Next week is a looming maw of emptiness.

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