Sunday, January 11, 2009

Unemployment, Day Three

Isn't this a thrilling series of posts, friends? Aren't you glad I'm updating you on the minutiae of my non-life on a daily basis? I know you are. :)

Anyway, so today was very exciting. (That was sarcasm, by the way.) Once again I slept until the afternoon; I am so thrilled to not answer to a before-dawn alarm clock for awhile.

For once I started cleaning and tidying the apartment. In case you were wondering, I am what they call "messy." A clutter-er. In some cases I am fastidiously organized, but those tend to be either at work (remember the book room?) or in silly places like a bookshelf. Anyway, so the bathroom is a little cleaner, the Christmas tree has been taken down, and my piles of clutter have been removed or cleaned or thrown away.

No doubt the highlight of my day was venturing down the street to tape a plastic bag into the hole that used to be my rear triangle window.

Just kidding! The real highlight was hanging out with my friend Ms. M. We started at the diner down the block and caught up on life and travel plans. Later, I introduced her to the wonders of Katamari Damacy. I think she was underwhelmed. But don't worry, Ms M, you might start enjoying it more when you play it again later; it's quite addictive.

And gosh darnit, I just found those Flat Stanley photos! I knew it! They were hiding in the National Geographic I was reading last week. (The issue about gold--it was fascinating!) I'll put them somewhere safe for next weekend.

A few minutes ago I booked a train ticket! See what I mean with the excitingness? No, this is pretty cool actually--later this week I'm going upstate to see my teammate for the first time in over six years!

I'm still trolling craigslist and idealist for job listings, but I haven't yet sent any applications today. I also haven't watched any movies or started my library books. Shame on me!

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Ms. M said...

Ah, so you noticed that I wasn't so intrigued by the game? Actually I did start to get more into it by the second try. I guess it's an acquired taste ;)

Yay for the pics! I'll get them next time I see you. Shouldn't you have said where the safe place was in your post so that if you forget you'd have a way to find them?

Have a good week! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow am at 6:00!