Thursday, May 14, 2009

almost friday

Ugh, I am so. tired.
My knees are doing okay. They ached a lot when I woke up on Monday, and I worked out that night. Tuesday morning, they didn't ache! Isn't that interesting?
I did yoga on Tuesday night and the Shred again tonight.
The kids are acting craaazypants. Which is totally normal, I suppose.
However, a teacher said to me the other day that I'm doing a really great job with them, and that other teachers think so too. I guess they were even worse before? Maybe with other subs or something?
Anyway, that was nice to hear. Not sure that I totally believe it, but it was very nice to hear indeed.
Mostly, I'm tired.
Hanging out with photog friends this weekend and hoping to go to Trailblazers too!

1 comment:

Schoolgal said...

Sounds like a genuine compliment to me. After that last school, I am glad to hear that a fellow teacher would let you know you are doing a great job. Shame on that other school!!!