Sunday, May 03, 2009

Two days in a row!

Look at me trying to maintain a goal!

It's Sunday. This weekend has gone far too quickly for my taste. Yesterday I gave myself the day off (I declined a photo event gig) and tried to sleep in. (I am very unhappy to report that after a good month and a half of wonderful sleep on my own, in the last week I have not gotten a single full night of good sleep. Bad job!) I watched tv in my pajamas for a big chunk of the day. Later, however, I did exercise and then walk to the grocery store.

Today I shot two events, including the 5 boro bike race. It was rainy the whole time, and I was outside for several hours, walking several miles. I wasn't too thrilled with the vast majority of the photos I took. I haven't felt too creative or artistic lately, and I'm not sure if it's laziness, or a lack of talent, or lack of motivation, or what.

I've been wanting to take another photography class for awhile now. The issue is money and also level. I think I have a steady paycheck for another two months, but right now I have nothing lined up for the summer. So I'm afraid to pay a couple hundred dollars on what seems like vanity, when in a few months I'm going to need those dollars to pay bills.

I think I'm shooting some weddings (as a second shooter) in the next couple months too, though, which will be a fun learning experience. I totally psyched myself out of my first wedding shoot and it really wasn't worth it, so now I'm kind of doing the opposite and practically forgetting about the shoots. That's probably not so much of a good idea, either. :)

When I started subbing, I did a lot of reading on my time off during the day, and burned through a lot of books. In the last couple weeks, though, I've done almost no reading at all, instead choosing to spend hours on sudoku! I'm struggling my way through the Sudoku For Dummies book, which is kind of disheartening considering that most of the puzzles beat me the first time through and I have to erase and start over. One in particular I've tried four different times! I gave up on that one. It's certainly a good exercise in patience to calmly work through a single puzzle instead of clucking in frustration and going on to the next one when I get stuck.

That's all for now, hope everyone has a lovely Sunday evening.

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