Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I wish I had a hangover

Because then at least I would have a reason for not sleeping and waking with a big ol' headache. Instead, I went to bed early and couldn't sleep until like 4am. Waaah!

This morning was pretty rough. The kids were off and I was off. The afternoon wasn't pretty either. But it ended in kind of a cool way. See, I'm teaching this class now, but their regular teacher is still in the school. A couple weeks ago Real Teacher had to give the class a Stern Talking To that they have to listen to me. This one kid, you know, That Kid, scoffed and called out, "Yo, we don't like her! She gotta bounce!"

That Kid has continued to be That Kid, but has shown bits of humanity here and there with encouragement. And today at the end of the day he was like, "I'm gonna walk with you, Miss." I said, "Oh really? Don't I have to bounce?" He smiled a little and said, "No, you gotta stay, stay."

Well, folks, my heart grew about half a size right then. (Because tomorrow morning he will resume being That Kid.)

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