Thursday, May 07, 2009

squishy knee mcgee

I'm now in my fourth week of my exercise chart! ((Cue applause)) I took the day off entirely yesterday (from working out, not from working, obvs) so made sure to do something this evening. I had a photography meeting in the city for a couple hours, so I got home a little late, but I faithfully let Gilad Totally Sculpt me.

Sadly, my right knee has officially begun twinging. This is not happy news, friends. I suppose it was inevitable; it happens every time I start getting more exercise. I always feel like a big wimp complaining about my aches and pains (my high school gymnastics coach gave me the Ice Princess award at the end of one season because of my constant icing and taping of various body parts). But I have had to see doctors about this stupid knee, so I don't want to ignore it even if I could.
For now I'll try to take it a little easier, do more yoga or something, and maybe ice it here and there. (I wanted to tonight but ran out of time.) Might even use that drugstore knee brace a little.
Tomorrow is Friday, and that's always good news.


Katie said...

Hi Jules,

Just wanted you to know that, even as I read your post, I'm sitting here with a drugstore knee brace on MY knee (but it's my left). I'm taking a couple days off of running, choosing to walk (BORING) instead, but thank goodness for entertaining podcasts! I've also been upping my Ibuprofen intake considerably and *thinking* about icing. (cue Homer Simpson noise "....MMMMMM...icing...")

I'm confident that, in a couple days, I'll be back to pounding the snot out of this knee, but for now, I'm practicing knee kindness. Best of luck with yours!!

Schoolgal said...

Glad to see you are back posting and getting a salary. If you are working for the DoE, and you have consecutive employment for a certain number of days, I think you qualify for some benefits.

Please do not cut your own hair. There are so many good local salons including mine here in Queens that are affordable.

And take care of that knee before you wind up needing surgery.