Saturday, May 02, 2009

MAYbe I should just shut up and blog already

Hey all, it's May! How the hell did that happen? That also means that I am now six months from that big number--thirty!

I've seen a couple people have big, interesting lists of things to accomplish by a certain time or age. In the back of my mind I tried to think up some things I could do for that, but nothing came to mind (also, I didn't exactly try very hard ).

Around spring break a few weeks ago, I finally realized that it's stupid for me to be out of shape. For the first time in months, I actually have time to myself outside of work. (Well, except for the two months I was out of work. That was just plain laziness.) And I live with someone who is always, always diligent about going to the gym. So! No more excuses!

Starting spring break, I promised myself I would exercise at least two times a week. I actually made up a chart--originally supposed to be a sticker chart, because apparently I'm still in sixth grade myself--to keep track of how often and how much.

I am very proud to say that it's going well! It's now been three complete weeks and I have exercised at least three times per week. Thank goodness for this beautiful weather (Finally! Spring!); I do a little walking here and there (which totally counts on my chart).

Work-wise, I've been subbing. I actually have a long-term position through the end of the year, which is a good deal to have right now. It's been about a month, maybe, so I know lots of names (of kids, not of teachers)(teachers don't talk to subs, but I knew that already so it doesn't bother me or anything). This school has SmartBoards, and it's the first time I've ever seen them and used them. They're fantastic tools, if you have computers and powerpoints to hook them up to. I actually have been 'teaching' a class for the last three weeks or so, the same group of sixth graders in my preferred subject. They are not easy kids by any means, but they're not nearly as nasty as the older kids in this school (whom I was covering for my first two weeks). Some of them are downright sweet. Well, sometimes.

It's a pretty sweet gig, because it's temporary and technically they're not my kids, which means I'm not investing any real emotional energy. This means that when I leave school right at the final bell, my mind clears. What a revelation!

I'm still doing freelance photo events for the newspaper, once or twice a week. I finally got my hands on a couple hard copies of papers with my photos on the front page--that is a pretty awesome thing to see.
There are more things rolling around in my head and I might challenge myself to post at least something every day this month. No promises, but jeez, it's not like I've got that much else to do.

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