Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Carmen Crankypants Has Left the Building

I am not cranky today, but I am still tired. Strangely, less tired than yesterday even though I didn't sleep well last night. I am, however, more hydrated than I was yesterday. Anyone want to give me a fancy government health grant to investigate the corrolation between water intake and pouty output?

One long dream involved going home and having to take a car service from one place to another, a half-hour trip, for four hundred dollars. !? It was the middle of the night and dream me was all, ok, whatever it takes, I guess. So I had the driver stop at the WaMu on Mercer Island (what odd realistic details), which was full of people despite the time. Later I was at some kind of churchy hall thing and I ran into two friends from high school (who I haven't seen in real life since then) and a former student all grown up (much older than she is in real life; I think she must be a freshman this year).

I started reading during some of my prep periods again. Today I did some reading and some sudoku, and I correctly solved two puzzles in a row! Also, the song Cell Block Tango, from Chicago, came on my ipod and I could not keep myself still for the life of me. I was tapping, swaying, twitching all over the place. Well, not like a totally crazy person, I was trying to be semi-subtle. While almost dancing in public, which I guess means not so subtle.

I want a haircut. Today after going to the bank, I walked around downtown Brooklyn trying to find a hair salon. And I couldn't. Isn't that odd? If I don't find one tomorrow, I'm just going to cut it myself tomorrow. I gave myself a decent haircut once, back in the day before I moved to NYC; I was pretty impressed with the results. And that way, if it doesn't work out great or I decide to go shorter, I won't have to pay twice.

I haven't sent out any job applications for a couple weeks. As of June 27, my life is a blank. Kind of weird. I'm not freaking out about it only because I'm pretending not to know about it. :)


Teacher said...

I am doing that very same thing! In June.. my job life is a blank as well. Completely bland... I don't think about it either because I don't want to know about it. I don't have time to deal with it right now... so maybe it won't happen. There is some passiveness for ya! Gotta love being Rif'd.

Ms. M said...

Cut your own hair? Are you crazy? Want to go to my friend Marci in the W. Village? Email me if you want her info.