Monday, May 18, 2009


Miraculously, last Friday afternoon was actually really nice with the kids.

Which means, of course, that today, they were Monsters.

This weekend, I roamed the city with a group of fun friends. We did long exposures at the Brooklyn Bridge landing, walked across the Williamsburg Bridge, molested the Wall Street Bull (I actually climbed up on its neck), flopped in the Central Park grass, brunched in Brooklyn, and of course, took bunches of photographs. All these people are great photographers too and I learned a lot from them--notably how to use my flash remotely (it's really freaking cool!) and the viewfinder exposure meter, and the awesomeness of black and white.

This afternoon I had to walk a couple places and I kept my camera in manual mode. On the way home I put it in black and white and fell in love.

I must say a manual photo-walk is a good way to take my mind of this ridiculous job. :)

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