Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Hey all, greetings from the Big Apple!

I flew in late Sunday night/early Monday. I stayed up and wandered around...fighting to stay awake. Visited Rockefeller Center and all that jazz. I wanted to ice skate but it was raining and expensive. Also checked out Lincoln Center and the Operas.

Tuesday I slept all freaking day, sort of. I took a lovely, huge nap only an hour after waking up, and finally got up at 2.30. Got ready for my interview and took off, I didn't even get lost finding the site! The interview itself went okay. My group was only seven people, so we got through everything fairly quickly. I was scheduled last on both the teaching lesson and the personal interview. I think they went fine. It's always hard for me to tell, but I don't think more preparation would have made it any better (not like I prepared a whole bunch anyway). I was out of there by 9.00, which wasn't too bad, considering. I had an hour and a half to read in the hallway, which was a nice break.

This morning I took another nap and got up at twelve. My goal today was the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I wandered around there for a few hours, got some lunch there (2.25 for a bag of chips!), and got some nice postcards. Found yet another block toy thing to add to my collection...ooh, this will be the first American one, I think.

Not sure what my plans are for the rest of the week, that is to say, I suppose I don't have any. Hmm. I shall keep pretending that I'm going to see a show, perhaps visit a few more museums, hopefully find a place and time to ice skate. Can you believe I've never once been ice skating? Ay, it's true.

Every once in a while I try to speak just seems natural in certain situations, namely being in a big art museum and fighting to get in or out of the subway. Ah, Paris. Er, New York.

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