Friday, March 19, 2004

So as some of you may know, one of my favorite goofy pastimes is coming up with alternative meanings to acronyms. Here is an actual transcript of an excellent acronym fest (I am the one called Susiejulie). Enjoy!

dmwl1138: What's IFP stand for again? Independant Film Partners?
Serenity7911: independent film project, i believe
dmwl1138: or Patrol
Susiejulie: icky foam police
Susiejulie: igloo frostbite prevention
dmwl1138: Irish Fascist Population
Susiejulie: indecent flocking penguins
dmwl1138: Incense For Phil
dmwl1138: Invalids For Perot
Susiejulie: imagining fetid popsicles
dmwl1138: Incorrigible Fetal Puppies?
Susiejulie: intense fraction properties
dmwl1138: Indians From Pluto
BullTwelf: I'm fucking poor!
BullTwelf: Imbiciles Feeling Pampered
dmwl1138: Idiot French Pioneers
BullTwelf: Idiots fighting politeness
BullTwelf: Italian Friendly Policemen
Susiejulie: italian fire pollution
dmwl1138: Ill Funk Preppies
BullTwelf: Imitating Friends Plurals
Susiejulie: idaho flunking production
Serenity7911: irish fighting porn
BullTwelf: Indonesian Filing Papers
Serenity7911: international f*** police
BullTwelf: Ignomnious Firing Platoon
BullTwelf: illicit frivolous parties
Susiejulie: imaginary floo powder!
dmwl1138: Icky Female Parrot?
BullTwelf: Irritating Flatulence Prevention

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