Monday, March 15, 2004

Home now. Woke up at a very respectable 9.45 (especially considering my flight was a red eye and I went to sleep after 2.00am).

Will head to the temp agency this afternoon. That has just become more urgent for me, because I found out that the paycheck I thought was coming today isn't actually coming at all. I may get a (tiny) bonus at the end of the month, but for now I am stuck. I have money in savings, just enough to scrimp by in April...but now I will have to use some to pay the rest of my March bills. Oh, crap, this is really going to suck. Welcome to Poorville, population Julie.

Please take a few minutes and click over there on "Pass the Fire." They are stories and pictures from former AmeriCorps*NCCC (duh, the program I did in 2002!), and they are wonderful. I read them all last night and it made me feel nostalgic and proud. Also, some of the people pictured were from my campus, so it's fun to see them. For all of you who knew me before and after my experience, perhaps reading these anecdotes can help you understand my own term of service, how really life-changing it was. Okay, I'm done preaching now. :p

Keep me in your thoughts, folks, help the money gods find me!

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