Monday, March 01, 2004

Woo!! But wait, I will get to that in a bit.

I walked into work this morning (the last week!!) and found that I was being moved to the front desk until Friday. I felt kind of insulted, like I was being demoted and punished for daring to leave. But I reminded myself to be reasonable (I just wrote "reasonal" and it took a few seconds to click that it wasn't right, ha) and logical; it doesn't make sense to get me involved with files to fund and such. Things have come full circle--I will end my mortgage career in the same way it began. It was disappointing to leave the team that I've been with (in various incarnations) since last May, but the front desk isn't too bad. It's a lot calmer in one sense, and a lot crazier in another. It's just different. Anyway, today sped by like a monkey (hee), for which I was grateful. I went for a wonderful walk at lunch and that was quite nice, it was pleasant outside and I felt pretty good.

Checking email after I got home, I had a message that I was granted an interview in New York City, for the teaching fellowship, and the email urged me to get it done in the next three weeks. Woo!! So as not to be too rash, I went to the workout, which felt great, and then came home and bought my ticket. I leave this upcoming Sunday, late at night, and will return the next Sunday, also late at night.

So now I am all giddy and high. I get a week to lounge about New York, visit people I don't see often, and just relax. Then I shall come back and find a job, even a silly temporary one. There are options for me for the next few months, I must be calm and let them come to me. Ommm.

Woo! Four days left of work, a weekend to have fun and then another vacation. Whee!

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