Monday, March 29, 2004

Sunday was a good day. I spent the afternoon volunteering at Operation Sack Lunch as the first project of the new team with SeattleWorks. Met some great people and had a lot of fun. A mellow evening was then spent with friends.

Part of today was great--it was absolutely gorgeous and hot outside today. It felt like we were on the East Coast. Mm.

The rest of the day, not so great. Was awfully sleepy when the stupid alarm went off. Then, in the car, I called AmeriCorps, wherein I was informed that I wouldn't hear a decision until after May 15. So, on with Plan B; ie, continuing with the teaching program. New York, here I come! Good lord.

"Work" was incredibly boring. I braided my hair to distract myself all morning, and then in the afternoon doodled on notepaper (while "reading" the essays). Came home to the enrollment information from NYTF. Realized just how far behind I am already, financially I mean, and how royally screwed I am now and will continue to be if A)I go to New York, and B) can't get a decent temp job and/or second job until then. So I had a breakdown, right in time for the workout tonight. Because I want out of that "job" I'm doing now. Even going back to my old job, or any job, at the mortgage company would be better than this. It SUCKS. And I'm coming to hate seventh-graders. Even more than I already did, based on my own (mildly life-scarring) experiences. I am honestly becoming desperate for money, though, so I'm kind of stuck for now. Shit.

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