Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Well, I'm not in as much despair as last time, but that's only because I have forced those thoughts far down in my mind, so that I can function for the next few weeks.

This morning I began to tackle the moving question. Eliminated some books from my extensive collection, and have finished going through all the boxes that were in my huge closet. I tossed lots of stuff and the rest of it I compiled in neater and smaller boxes. Hurrah.

Among other interesting things, I found a little book I once made, called "My Book, by Julie". Let's read it, shall we?
"'Birds.' To have a bird, you must have the proper equipment. You will/
"need a cage with air lines, a food dish, a water dish, food, water, and the bird.
Fill the food bowl with food and water in the water dish./
"Then set a few treats on the bottom of the cage."

Boy, I was awfully smart. And literal. If I remember correctly, the rest of the pages in this little book were meant to be guides for having other pets, like dogs, cats, or fish. I was entrepreneurial, if a little lacking in follow-through.

Sigh. The day is moving quickly (as it tends to do when one gets up at 11.30), and I'm proud to say that so far I've been productive. I have a large box filled with mostly clothes to give away, and a full box of books to sell (any extra cash is good). However, I'm tired and bored now. The rest of the packing is stuff that I actually use, and will require dismantling of my room or other rooms. I'll acquire some good boxes and then keep moving forward.

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