Tuesday, March 16, 2004


My trip to the temp agency went fairly well...I kicked ass on the typing and data entry tests. 66wpm with no errors, and only two errors on the numeric/alphanumerics. Woo, me!

Today I went for an interview, from a thing I found in the paper, and it was one of those things that as you're "interviewing," the person is telling you where to go for training. Not offering a position, but just saying, okay, show up. Those kind of bewilder me, it's never actually said, "here, take the job," because what if I didn't want it? Or was just killing time? Anyway, so I guess I have a job now. It starts next week and only goes for six weeks. It's for a test-scoring center by the SuperMall. Surprisingly, it took only twenty minutes or so to get there from my house, albeit with no serious traffic to speak of. The shift starts at 8 and ends at 4.30, so I may begin griping and whining about traffic all of a sudden.
See? Something always does come along. Phew. Here's to hoping that I can catch up on all my nasty bills.

I went for a walk around my "neighborhood" this afternoon. It was very pleasant, blue-ish skies and crisp but not quite chilly. Now I shall watch a movie and then read or something. Tomorrow I will finish my taxes and file them, and pray that the refund arrives quickly. Look at me being all productive in my days of unemployment.

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