Saturday, March 20, 2004

So. That headache on Thursday? Really kicked my ass. When I got in bed to read, my poor head just throbbed and my very eyeballs hurt. Also, I got some weird nausea. I had to lay down at 10.15, because I could hardly move. Ugh.

Friday, I did almost nothing productive. I was afraid of this, it was the only day this week that I had nothing planned, and I worried (well, predicted) that I would be incredibly lazy and do nothing. Harrumph. I tidied my room a wee bit (got all the clothes off the floor--it's a start), and messed around with my new Print Shop. Watched a Scottish film that Netflix promised would be heartwarming, and was completely the opposite. Only remembered about Bodyflow at 5.30, and for some insane reason, though I still felt completely shit, attended class. It was interesting how every pose and movement was affected by my bodyful of sore muscles. Mm, at least I know I'm using them, I hate when I wither.

My compromise for having nothing on Friday was to volunteer on Saturday. No problem, right? Well. Let me just tell you. I turned off my light at 11.40. At 12.30 I was wide freaking awake. Y'all know me, and you know how I can't STAND when anything gets in the way of sleeping. The worst is when it's just me, my head or whatever, and I can't freaking sleep. Rrr.

So the day today was actually really good. The weather was supremely gorgeous, it was sunny and WARM--like 65 or something. (And it's March, people.) Lovely lovely. The whole day I was involved with mulch. For the morning I switched off with another volunteer, shoveling the mulch into the wheelbarrow, and raking the mulch around the selected area. It was shady, pleasant, not grueling or really difficult. However, the afternoon kicked my ass. We worked in the direct sun, grading some dirt. This required using a tool to loosen the packed earth; I used a pickax. Swinging a pickax isn't too complicated or difficult, but it certainly is tiring. With sore biceps to begin with, whew, what a chore. In a good way, though, like proving to myself I could still have some strength and endurance. Sort of...I kept having to break and rest. Eventually I gave the pickax away and used a rake. Then shoveled a little more, then at the very end of the day I hammered nails out of discarded lumber. All in all a successful day but I was very worn out.
My fingernails and toenails are sensitive to the touch. My legs, from the knees down, ache like nobody's business. I've still got that headache (I'm beginning to think it's the iron pills I just started taking), and my face got a tinge of sunburn. Phew.

Good night, Moon.

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