Monday, October 08, 2007

Broadway Flatiron

Broadway Flatiron
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I can't even tell you how much I love this picture.

(I took this one.)


Just saying... said...

Hi Mildly Melancholy, you didn't take my offer on the comments on a photo some time ago (perhaps it was a photo of yourself, I don't know), but I thought you wouldn't mind comments about this photo. Feel free to delete this comment if you think it is inappropriate.

The viewer's eye is immediately grabbed by the strong linear elements criss-crossing in the center of the photo. Partially cropping the lamp, signpost and building gives an element of artistry to the photograph, elevating it above the pedestrian. The lettering on the Broadway sign draws your eye to the building, which is just slightly out of focus so as to pique the viewer's interest. The colour of the sky complements the building's cladding. Excellent photo. Score: A.

The only slight criticism is the sky, with its uniformity, looks slightly flat -- some tonal variations there would have popped this up to an A+.

AMPlifier said...

Wow, I love this picture too! There's a great sense of balance in it, which always appeals to me, brought upon by the multiple directions of each of the intersecting objects. It also captures the essence and energy of the city, with everything going in different directions. Nice image!