Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Last week the children wrote essays about their goals for the future. Most students want to be doctors or lawyers (and I won't say anything about that at all. Right now, at least.).
Many students also are interested in going to Harvard University.

However, not a SINGLE student could spell Harvard correctly.

I told at least one kid, "They won't let you in if you can't spell their name right."

Mean, but come ON!


X said...

It's true, though. I never know what to say when kids who never do homework tell me they're going to go to Stuyvesant, for example.

ms. v. said...

How about, "Stuyvesant is a very selective school. You have to have an excellent academic record to get in there." Actually, that's not precisely true, since it's all based on a test, but it's more-or-less true. Kids need to hear the truth - and CAN hear the truth - just like adults.