Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Look! Still posting!

First, thank you guys so much for commenting and leaving feedback! I'm really enjoying it, so thank you for reading and sharing.

When I moved to New York four years ago, I figured I'd do my two years and move on. Once the teaching actually started, it was a good thing I have a strong sense of responsibility and stubbornness, otherwise I would have moved away the day school ended. Of course my second year went a billion times better than the first, and so I was looking forward to staying for a third year to get tenure, to get better, to get more money, to stay with friends, to have another good year.

I should have known.

Um, what was I saying?

Right. Moving.

Four years in one place, four years with the same job, four years with any job--all of this is unheard of. I've got a fatal case of wanderlust, and it's starting to chafe.

(Ooh, I like that line. It should be in a song. Anyone?)

Anyway, my recent reading of National Geographic Adventures is fueling this yearning to see new places. I presume I would find a teaching job, and I know other places won't be perfect. Believe me, after growing up around teachers, I don't really expect to be truly happy at any given school. However, I do expect that other places will have better conditions and resources. And in other places I might fit in with the faculty a bit more.

So yeah, things to think about. I definitely like the charter school idea. Maybe someday soon I'll start investigating other states' salaries and housing prices and charter schools.


17 (really 15) more years said...

The only problem is, when you start looking at other states' salaries, it's really depressing (although the cost of living is generally less outside of NY). Will boyfriend go with you?

School has gotten so bad this year, I took the day off to get a tooth extracted, and today was actually an improvement over going to work.

Teacher said...

Charter schools are not all they seem. Less pay, no tenure, no support behind you when you need it, and believe me when I say, parents rule the roost! It may not make sense, but what they say goes!! Charter schools = choice school for parents= admin catering to parents no matter what it right.

the reflective teacher said...

Come back west. We need good teachers, and you'll know the terrain.

Pay sucks and housing's worse, but the kids... man, it's worth it.