Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some questions

1. What is the name of that thing? The line that goes over a vowel to show it's a long vowel?

2. Why why WHY isn't there an adjectival form of 'integrity'? I always find myself trying to say 'integritous' and then feeling stupid.

3. Why does the annoying narrator on Pushing Daisies insist on reminding us every two minutes that the dude can touch people to bring them to life or kill them? WE KNOW THAT ALREADY BECAUSE YOU TOLD US IN THE PILOT. WE GET IT NOW.

4. Also, where can I get the dresses that Chuck the girl wears in that show? They are awesomely adorable.

5. Speaking of Chuck and adorable, can Chuck from Chuck and Jim from The Office just be in every show? They are my tv boyfriends and I need to see more of them. Thanks.


jonathan said...

1. macron, I think. Though I'd prefer it spelt with a "k." - and where does that '"' really go, before or after the '.'?

Yup, looked it up. Wikipedia says people confuse it with a pastry, macaron. Which sounds to me like macaroon.

When I was in 2nd grade, in our reader (To Turn a Stone), there was a story about a racoon named maroon, and I confused it with the cookie. I remember that. Ms. Davidson was my teacher.

We came to school early, because before the official start of the day Ms. Davidson would read a chapter from The Trumpet of the Swan. I only heard a few chapters, since me and my friend Martin would sneak off and do puzzles.

The teachers used to move us away from the math center (it was over by the window) because Martin and I spent far too much time there.

2. Integral. It covers the physical meaning of integrity (wholeness, completeness), not the transferred meaning. Sorry about that.

rachie said...

5. my roommate and I have conversations about whether Chuck from Chuck or Jim from The Office is cuter. We're split. She'll take Chuck, and I'll take Jim. But I'll still be a bit jealous of her...

17 (really 15) more years said...

Whenever you see something on a show you like, look at - a lot of times they can tell you where you can purchase the item. Warning: usually that cute top or dress is at least $200!

J said...

wow, thank you, readers! you have much to teach me. :)