Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Food!

From yesterday's Broadway photo walk.

The food and I are happy because today after school I've been so productive! Stopped at the 99 cent store to pick up some activity books for the new student who speaks no English (isn't someone supposed to tell me what to do with a child like that? Shouldn't he be in ESL?), printed all the documents that were submitted for copies many days ago to no avail, and ALSO worked on entering grades!

Hurrah! Enjoy the pretty colors.
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X said...

Yup, he is legally entitled to services. What generally happens with ELL kids at your school? I'm an ESL teacher, but since I don't really teach ESL, I think Ms. M from NY Teacher will probably have better tips. I can tell you about what happens to newcomers at my school if you think that will help.

Anonymous said...

He should be given the LAB-R to place him in ESL, plus, if he speaks Spanish, the Spanish LAB to determine his levels in his native language. Technically, he should be tested and placed within 10 days of his arrival - which almost never happens at the beginning of the year, but shouldn't be so hard in November. Who is your ESL coordinator/AP? If there isn't one, the ESL teacher ends up giving the tests and doing paperwork, which can mean the placement process takes longer.

Nice pictures! Let me guess - Fairway at 74th street?

Former NYC ESL teacher, missing Fairway