Sunday, October 28, 2007

Seriously Old.

Back in 2003, I went hiking on the Olympic Peninsula, on a trail that was very steep. The next day, my right knee seized up and it would not, could not bend at all. I went to see a doctor as soon as I could and ended up getting physical therapy for it. I think it was something like tendonitis maybe, beneath the patella.

In August, a group of us hiked a short section of the AT, and I couldn't walk down stairs for several days afterward. (Strangely, walking up stairs did not hurt.)

A couple weeks ago, we were out wandering the city for three hours, and my knee started to hurt. I actually forgot why; just thought I was wimpy. But lo and behold, it was two days before walking stairs normally.

Today I joined a fun photo walk with a couple folks, walking all of Broadway in Manhattan. I joined them at 125th at 3pm, and we made it to Times Square at 6pm. It was really fun and I think I got a few decent photos, but oh, my knee, it hurts really bad. Bad enough that I can't go up the stairs either, but have to do a sad little limp/hop instead.

I need a little footstool by my computer so I can play with the pics while I elevate and ice the knee. Being old and decrepit sucks.


Schoolgal said...

It sounds like it's time to get that knee an MRI. It will answer a lot of questions.

Schoolgal said...

To all the "newbie teachers"...
Make sure you take out catastrophic insurance through the union before going for any big medical costs. It is sooo worth it because you can reclaim all your out of pocket expenses if you have any big procedures that are not covered by your insurance.