Thursday, October 07, 2004

Almost Friday!

Hallelujah, this week has gone so quickly. I can NOT wait to sleep in on Saturday! I am exhausted.

Today went okay. I had to do a coverage, of another sixth grade class. I brought my activity book and did a following directions game. They really sucked at it. But I was glad that they were willing to do it. There's the power trip; the kids would do anything if a teacher told them to. They will write it down, do it for homework, probably even jump up and down. It's kinda crazy.

More success with the Read Aloud today. Still working on management/behavior. I sent three more notes home today, just in one class. Big D made a better effort today, he raised his hand to participate in our discussion of news reporters. A good step. I must chat with him individually to encourage him.

After school (I only stayed til about 2.40), I went to our last FA meeting, at a diner in Woodhaven. We all sat around and vented, sharing our stories. I enjoyed seeing people that aren't in my class this semester, and I was so relieved to hear that no one else has a clue what they're doing. Thank god.

I've got tomorrow pretty well figured out. Today I introduced the 5W's and H, with a short article on a museum opening. I decided that tomorrow, we'll practice using the 5Ws to report. So they can connect to their reading books, choose a character and event from the book, make up a when/why/how etc, and write an article/short report on it. Cool, eh? That is a great tie-in, so that the reader's workshop flows into the writer's workshop. Hurrah. Over the weekend I'll be figuring out some better details and plans for the next week.

I'm feeling good right now because I can go to sleep soon, and it's almost the weekend, and it will be a long weekend. YAY!

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