Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Gargamel Takes All

We had this giant-sized deck of Smurf war cards, with Papa Smurf, Smurf, and Smurfette, and Gargamel was the trump card.
That's my shitty metaphor for the way that the universe has its way of getting you back.

Today was not as good as Monday or Tuesday. I suppose it wasn't horrible or awful, but just not very good. I had to give that test, and it took so freaking long to get them to be quiet, and hand out pencils for those unprepared, and read the directions, and snap at the willfull children who ignored directions and started turning the pages. The gall!

Reports came in today. I only did a tally in my last class; more than HALF of them didn't even turn one in. More than half!! Good lord. A bunch of kids in all classes came trotting up full of excuses why they didn't have it or why it wasn't typed. Bullshit. That so pisses me off. You knew the directions THREE WEEKS AGO. It's on you, not me. Again, willful ignorance of rules and guidelines. Do the freaking work.

To the ones who turn it in late, I think I will only give half credit. Three weeks!!!

My only solace is that I had no visitors today, except for one AP who was alone, and who had to tell me about food problems. I think I sounded assish, because I said that I do have the kids clean up at the end of the day. Apparently that's not enough, and she's heard, on the next floor, how my room has food in it. So I said I'll do better, and they know that they can't eat in the room. She was all, they have to do what you say. I said, yeah, I know that, but they don't do it. So she said, but they have to. I didn't say anything, but I was like, DUH! Can you make them? I sure can't. Anyway. This one kid totally lied to me three fucking times that he didn't have any food in his desk. I said, I can see it. Bring it up, now. He said again, I don't have anything. When I said again that I could see it, he moved it farther into the desk. Bloody cheek. That's the kid that doesn't do jack shit in my class.

My other solace is that tomorrow is Thursday, meaning the week will be nearing done. Sheesh.

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