Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Wish my students luck!

They should be finishing their reports tonight, as they are due tomorrow. Yikes! I can't wait to see how they did. I'll let you know.

Today actually wasn't bad. Class B was first thing this morning, and they were pretty good. Not perfect, but certainly better. Cross your fingers for me, please. Even Class A wasn't too bad. (All of the boys in that class were late, because they ALL got in trouble at lunch. Hurrah!) There are still issues there, but it wasn't as bad as it sometimes is.

Classes today weren't terribly structured. In the writing workshop, we did publishing. I reviewed the chart I made with the steps to publish, and then gave them each a piece of white paper to make their title page. I lent out some crayons and they got to color and stuff. They were excited.

The rest of the week is going to be busy. We have a quick test to do tomorrow, a test prep on Friday, and some lessons to squeeze in between. I think that tomorrow I'm going to do a quiz on the four-square, then review it and continue with connecting words. Another teacher told me about a great way to teach the paragraph; use a sandwich model. I shall use that.

As if that's not enough, the administrators will be coming in to classrooms for quick checkups on things like artifacts in the classroom (I think I'm okay for that), connection between reading and writing (sometimes but not nearly all the time), evidence of classroom management (sort of), and standards-based instruction etc (yikes). I am totally going to "fail." Trying to think of a way to combine two lessons with the test plus making sure that administrators wouldn't yell at me for doing something wrong. Plus my lessons are kind of vague and silly and don't accomplish anything. I really don't think my kids have learned anything. Man, I suck.

If you are a person who would like to donate to a GREAT cause, visit DonorsChoose.org. It's a fabulous site where teachers (like me!) can submit proposals for materials (like dictionaries) or experiences (field trips) that will benefit their students. I just submitted my first proposal this afternoon, for dictionaries and thesauri. Wish me luck.

I had this crazy dream last night. I was visiting some dining establishment and agreed to be hired on for short shifts, to begin that very day. Everything was red and black, and it was a small place with a line of bar seats, and a few tables. There was a pretend celebrity there, I think it was Harrison Ford? Then I was trying to get trained or a uniform or something, and the other employee was a big old bitch. I kicked myself for thinking I could have another job.

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