Friday, October 08, 2004


The second week has come to an end. Whew, I am tired.

My exciting plan for today was kind of moot. Two classes didn't even get that far, and the one class that did totally didn't get it. I think I overestimate their skills. A lot of them are really literal. They're really used to copying things off the board and don't use critical thinking skills. So when I direct them to use author, genre, etc to write about a book, they make a list saying, Author: So and So. Genre: fiction. or whatever. GAH!

Overall, today was so-so. I got angry one time, but it was my fault (obviously) because I'm not being consistent with structure, and the kids have too much time to just sit. I gotta work on that. But I'm hoping that after the chaos today, things start to get smoother. They all have reading books, and most of them have writing notebooks. They still need to get reading notebooks. Dammit, if I'd been here since the first of the year this wouldn't be a problem. It's irritating.

I think I've said this before, but these kids DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO DIRECTIONS. It drives me nuts. I should be more firm, and only say the directions twice, and make them ask for help from peers. I hate repeating myself, and plus I hate being ignored.

I met another first-year Fellow who seems much more settled and at ease than I feel. It's reassuring, plus she can give me tips and know where I'm coming from. Also, I talked more to the literacy coach, and she gave me some more information and offered to help me map out some lesson plans. Whew. I told her about the YMCA thing the other day, and she reacted the same way I did. Thank god. AND she offered to talk to the principal. All three of us walked out of the building, and Mr Principal was there. She asked him about it, and he was just like, we'll find them a new room. Wow! I was thrilled and relieved to have an advocate like that, and to feel like people were on my side and understood that HELLO, I need to have access to my own damn classroom!

Next week, even though it's a short one (Woohoo!), I will probably have to begin anew, AGAIN. I must decide on a structure and routine and actually stick to it. I'm going to start from scratch on the report thing. Bring on the mini-lesson.

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