Monday, October 11, 2004

Hoping for another new start

After a downer of an evening yesterday, today I have put together a plan for the week.

I will begin each class tomorrow by pointing out and explaining the daily rituals (I will have to scramble to make the poster before school begins). We will practice the steps, signals and errands within those rituals.

Then I shall pass out information about the report. It will be due on Monday, October 25. The report will be at least two pages in length, double spaced, plus a title page and pictures. It must have elements of the 5Ws, and some compare/contrast. (God, two pages sounds so small--I could do that in my sleep! Must remember the level they are on. My mom made an excellent point--make the assignment so that they can all SUCCEED. If I get them to write a good two page paper, that should begin building a solid writing foundation that will eventually lead to longer, more complicated papers.) My timeline gives them two weeks and two weekends to do everything. In class, we'll work on vivid language and peer editing and revision.

I have lesson plans actually typed out for Tuesday and Wednesday, complete with Objectives and Standards. Woo! I feel much better having a plan like this. Plus, hopefully it will make my week easier, and minimize the work to do after school.

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