Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween is almost over

These crazy New Yorkers trick or treat at the shops instead of houses! That seems weird to my suburban self. There were tons of Spiderboys and princesses wandering the streets and subways today. What a day for it too, it was gorgeous. Clear blue sky and warm air. Not a trace of an autumn chill, just completely pleasant and nice. The winner for best costume was one I saw near the Queens central library. This man was walking with a tiny little girl, maybe three, all decked out in a full nun's habit, rosary and all. It was adorable! It went too quickly to get a photo.

I spent all morning and then some working, and then went out for errands. Got a bunch of YA books at the library--hey, it's research! No, really. The author of the month is Katherine Paterson, so I got three or four of her books to review. I went to Target and then to the grocery store. I keep forgetting it's Halloween until I run into dressed-up children in the streets and stores. Good thing I accidentally put on my one orange shirt today, at least I looked in spirit.

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