Saturday, October 16, 2004

Stupid wireless networks

So the dumb landlord is being uncooperative in letting us get our own cable internet, and his is broken. No internet at home for a week. Crapola! At least I've got lots of Alias to tide me over, and a week of lesson planning to do. Having a plan for this week made my life much easier. Cheers to that, and to Ms J the lit coach for assisting me with that. Here's to hoping that I can organize next week even better.

Yesterday was Friday, which was excellent. My day wasn't an awesome day like Thursday, I had to revert back to some strictness, but it wasn't as bad as Tuesday and Wednesday. That should be motivating.

This morning I slept until about 8.45, and it was lovely. More weird dreams. The night before last, I woke up with a real-life ex, who reminded me with a cake that it was my birthday. Then there were issues with a parking lot and coins, and I could not remember where I lived. I think I was in Seattle or thereabouts, and finally decided I must live in New Hampshire. But I was so confused. Last night, I guess I already forgot. But it was weird.

I made it in to school, and arrived to an empty classroom. Hurrah! I dont know if they finally moved the YMCA people, or if YMCA isn't actually there on Saturdays. In any case, I got some work done. I checked reading and writing notebooks, and looked in despair at my disaster of a library.

I left after an hour because I had signed up for a lesson-planning seminar, but didn't know when it was. And having NO INTERNET at home, I couldn't check. So I got my ass up to St John's University AGAIN, and found nothing. However, I did get into the library, where I am now, and discovered that the thing is at 4.00. Hm. That's three hours from now, so I think I shall try to get to the main branch of the public library, check out some books or movies, and then come back. I did pay some bills, though. Good for me.

My throat feels scratchy, and I've been sneezing more often the past few days. It also seems like my left ear is blocked a little. Grr.

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