Monday, October 25, 2004

Woohoo! Failing!

We received the report cards today. They must be filled out and returned by next Monday. Call me twisted, but I'm relishing the thought of failing all the kids who deserve it. Bwah! Take that, irresponsible carefree students! Even the "bad" students don't want to fail. Even if they don't do any of the work or classwork. Go figure.

I decided that since next Monday means a new marking period, and they start over with a clean slate, I will no longer accept late homework! I've been far too nice with that this term. So next time, if they don't have it the day it's due, automatic zero. I will give extra credit options for them to earn back points, though. But enough with the late homework; they don't even care. So I'll take away that option.

Today's lessons didn't turn out very well. I had them do peer editing, which worked fine, except half of each class didn't bring their revised drafts to class. D'oh! There I go planning on the kids DOING THEIR HOMEWORK. Silly new teacher.

Actually, it wasn't a bad day. They were talkative, but I didn't have an engaging lesson. Class A got real quiet when I called the dean to report a problem student. Ooh-hoo. However, then they started talking again. Oh crap, that reminds me, I need to call that kid's house tonight. Shit.

During reading workshop, instead of a mini-lesson, I gave a surprise dictation test, to test spelling and homophone knowledge. A lot of them did pretty poorly. Bad spellers, kids. I shall definitely work on that. Grammar police unite!

We had QC class tonight, but only one of them. Hurrah! I was home by 8pm, which was awesome. It's so early still! I can actually eat dinner.

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