Thursday, October 21, 2004

A nice big dinner

Hurrah! Ms F invited me out with a few faculty ladies. They were fun and entertaining and friendly too. It felt great to have a nice big meal.

Today I began the day with the same out of control class from yesterday. I tried to have a discussion about yesterday. I asked how they felt after class. Some said they were mad at losing the lesson, and several said they felt sorry for me. Hmm. Anyway, I let them come up with expectations for themselves, so that we can work together so the events of yesterday never happen again. Then we came up with some signals. We ended up doing it a few times because they STILL TALKED.

The rest of the day went okay. I met with three parents today, only one meeting was scheduled. They all went fine, the parents were understandably upset to learn their children are failing my class. But hopefully that will be the kick in the pants the kids need to begin shaping up.

I'm sick, all stuffed up and icky. Bleh.

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