Thursday, April 28, 2005

Back to the hum-drum teacher life

I have returned to the Big Apple...or at least the leaves of the Big Apple. Just walked in the door. The first thing I did was plug in my battery recharger and then check my email. NERD ALERT! Twenty-seven messages and ONE was a real email, written just to me, by just one person.

Las Vegas was fun. The weather was perfect. Sunny and warm, sometimes breezy. Not cold, not disgustingly hot, an excellent happy medium. The SPF 30 worked its magic; we sat out by the pool for two hours every day and I only got a little color. I borrowed a string bikini for the trip, and damn, I am a sexy bitch! Actually, now I am an itchy bitch. From the sun or whatever.

I bought no souvenirs (except books to read--which are predictably hard to find in Sin City), gambled only once (twenty-one dollars in about six minutes, at a 25-cent machine), met no cute guys, went to no clubs.

But there was lots of sleeping in/napping, watching tv, strolling around the hotel or our end of the Strip, the aforementioned pool-laying-by, and some eating. Only one buffet meal!

I am still sick with a cold. Yesterday I finally picked up some Airborne, and it is AWESOME, as told by friends and colleagues. It makes the cold disappear for those three hours, but then it comes crawling back like an unwanted, needy friend. It's nothing serious, just annoying.


That's what I'm trying to think INSTEAD of three days of work to do until I have to go BACK to work. Stupid work.

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