Sunday, April 24, 2005

Spring Break and VEGAS, Baby!

Wow, what a weekend. About freaking time!

It all started right after school on Friday, when I joined a crowd of teachers for happy hour on the island. Fun! Cheap drinks, free popcorn, entertaining conversation. I even got a phone number.

Stayed out there that night, since I missed the train. On Saturday, I had my first manicure/pedicure, and eyebrow wax. I enjoyed the pampering.

Saturday night I met up with those crazy midwestern boys. Had dinner in Brooklyn, then went to a crowded bar in midtown Manhattan. Stayed out there that night. Tee hee.

This morning I was awake at 7, went home, took a bath and then returned to the island. I got a haircut that helps me look like a grown-up, and had dinner with friends at a bar.

Three nights out in a row. Two nights spent not in my own bed. Lots of beverages consumed. Hallelujah, I am at last a social being!

Tomorrow morning, early, I will be joining my friends Ms F and Ms C at JFK to take off to Las Vegas! I am excited. Like most trips, it feels surreal yet. But the alarm is set, my bag is packed, and I am wiped out, ready to pass out in my cozy bed.

Oh yeah, a nice little perk? I've just gotten a cold. Sneezing and nose dripping is way sexy. What a great addition to vacation!

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