Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Is it Friday yet?

Apparently my Monday denial was so deep yesterday that in my anecdote book, I wrote "Fri 4/18/05." Ah, wishful thinking!

Yesterday was alright. I started some vocabulary work as a Do Now, and also started with some comma work. That will continue the rest of the week. When we're done with commas, we'll review homophones. The idea is that when they edit their or a peer's story, they can spot mistakes and then FIX THEM.

Today was a big math test. I continued comma stuff with Classes A and C. Class A got a homework assignment just for them because they couldn't keep quiet and focused.

Because this spring weather is all of a sudden so warm--80 degrees today!--I decided to honor the occasion by dressing for it. I put on a red tank top with my cute skirt, the black and white patterned one with a little crinoline underneath to make it poufy. My pasty legs were on full display, along with freshly-painted deep pink toenails. I got lots of comments from staff and students alike, that I looked nice. Surprise, I'm a girl!

I roped a few students (boys) from Class A to stay after school and help me re-poster my classroom. They did more running around and chatting than helping, but that's okay. It did go faster, and anything to encourage those rowdy boys to be productive and/or be 'on my side.'

At 4.15 I got home. Since then I have done absolutely nothing except sit in this desk chair playing games.

Three days of school til spring break! I almost can't think about it, because then I get too anxious and anticipatory. Not because I'm desperate for a break at this point in the year, interestingly; I'm just excited about the fun things I have planned. Seeing friends and going on a real vacation! Sleeping in and doing nothing--I can't wait!


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