Sunday, April 03, 2005

Last week was fun. I don't think this week will be.

The writing workshops will still be put off a bit, while we try to do some cramming of testing skills and strategies. Eek.
Other things:
--My literacy coaches will be in my room for two sample lessons tomorrow, which means I will just copy and swap them on Tuesday.
--I need to do some analysis of the practice tests I gave on Friday. I should have done that this weekend, but I was too busy and too tired.
--I have a paper to write by Wednesday. Blech. I have to read an academic journal article first. Double blech.
--I heard from another teacher blogger about a fantastic poetry thing on Tuesday night. I'd love to go.
--I'll hope to meet up during the week with the traveling friend that I hung out with yesterday.
--Six school days until the test!! Egads!
--I need to find more etymological stories for my classes. (I'm thinking about Sisyphus). I like them and they seem to like them too. I want to give some vocabulary quizzes this week, too.
--Fuck, I gotta finish report cards. But like I said, yesterday I got B and C almost done being calculated. I'll gather the last few items hopefully Monday and Tuesday, and then start the bubbling. Ah, the bubbling.
--Um, I'm sure there's more. Can't think much at the moment. I'm tired and watching Home Edition.

Later, y'all.

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