Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Is it Friday yet? Can I sleep in? That's all that's keeping me going so far this week.

Again, remind me another time to talk about the weekend. Too tired and bored for it now.

Monday was pretty decent. The literacy coaches each did a sample lesson, which made today super easy, as I just switched them. Thank you, literacy coaches! You rock.

After school, we had a department meeting that was a little bit useless.

This daylight savings is messing with my mind. That, coupled with the sudden appearance of spring weather. At seven, it feels like it should still be five-ish, when I have plenty of time to eat, relax, and work too.

Today was alright. I did the lessons from yesterday. Plus some SNOT and a beginning leads lesson that I put together on the spot. From things that were already stewing in my head, but I hadn't sorted it out or anything. It went fine. I'll continue the next couple days with it.


The big test is ONE WEEK AWAY. Dun dun DUNNN!!

I have a paper due tomorrow, but I'm just plain not gonna do it yet. There is too much shit to do today and this week.

I stayed at school til 4, doing whatever. The bulletin board is due tomorrow. So I cleared off the current one (oh shit, did I take a picture? I didn't. Oh well, it was not that pretty anyway). I just made a rubric. Need to trace and cut the letters for the title. Need to look through the papers I got and decide what to put up. Should probably start bubbling in report card stuff. Got the conduct marks in there already. The annoyingly long part is filling in comments. Blech.

I stopped at the store on the way home and got some produce and some...other food. I have been subsisting on a mostly-chocolate diet lately, which may be why I can't shake the tireds. I was in bed, lights off, at 9.30 last night. Damn. I think I'll try for 10 tonight, just because Amazing Race is on. Or I might forsake that for even more rest. Eight hours does not do it for me. Cause I'm an old lady like that.

I called some parents on one of my preps, including the parent of Little K. Little K has made a great turnaround in homework and general effort to succeed, but still has ZERO self-control to keep his mouth closed in class. I explained this to his dad. His dad told me that Little K tells him that I'm his favorite teacher, to which his dad replies, well, if she's your favorite, why don't you do what she says?

Dude, I'm somebody's favorite! That makes up for the fact that yesterday I noticed some jackass kid wrote "FUCK C--" on a desk.

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