Sunday, April 10, 2005

Boo for two-day weekends

A lot of my weekend postings have the word "boo" in them, don't they. Huh, I'm funny. Or repetitive. Your pick.

Spring has most definitely sprung. Trees are blooming in neighborhoods near and far. The sky is deep blue and the sunshine is perfect. Not hot or humid, but very pleasantly warm. The temperature drops significantly around twilight, and at night it turns downright chilly. But to me, as long as the daytime warmth is there, all is good.

Though I was up until past 11 on Friday night, I was awake by nine on Saturday. I wasted the whole morning playing Popcap games and watching/listening to ABC Kids and Discovery Kids shows. (Shut up. Who ever said I was a 'grown up'? Scout's Safari is a good show!) It was awesome. Guilt-free frittering! I need more of that.

In the early afternoon, I went clothes shopping for the first time since December. I visited the local Marshall's; it was a zoo, as per usual on a weekend day. I am pleased to report that I am still a size eight. I bought a pair of low-rider (all my trousers are low-riding. It's partly the fashion nowadays, but it also fits me better, what with my not-tiny waist) khaki trousers, and an olive top with a fetching gathered/loose neckline.

I tried on a handful of swimsuits in anticipation of the upcoming Vegas Vacation (two weeks of school left!!). I was quite displeased to discover that size 8 is not nearly adequate in the swimwear category. In general, there is not enough of them. Sadly, even the 9/10s that I tried on were a disaster as well. Boo, hiss, for having to try on bathing suits in vain.

Yesterday evening, I went to a movie and a diner with a teacher friend from school. We saw Fever Pitch. It was cute. Funny because of all the teacher references (the adorable Jimmy Fallon plays an adorable high school math teacher). Who uses the term "schoolteacher"? Are we in Anne of Green Gables? Afterward, we watched Love Actually on DVD. Which, as you know, I LOVE.

I didn't get to sleep til nearly 2 last night. Imagine my chagrin to find myself awake at the ungodly hour of EIGHT A.M.!! Stupid early weekday wake-up times.

At eleven, I set out to get the old taxes done. Suffice to say it was a long, multi-borough journey. I returned home at four. I had time to walk in the sun and feel the warmth on my neck and shoulders. Mm, I love this new spring thing! About time, New York Weather Gods.

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Anonymouph said...

Argh...I just posted a comment, and then I saw some freaky error message that I've never seen before. Now watch. As soon as I post this one, the other one will show up.

Anyway, I did my taxes today too! So much easier than I feared it would be, and I got money back! Yippeee! Hope you got some too!

Glad to hear you're enjoying the spring weather. I'm about to go running, so I hope it's warm but not humid or pollen-y. Yeah right, North Carolina is PLANET POLLENWOOD!