Monday, April 11, 2005



I used today to help the kids remember the test-taking strategies. The Do Now was to recall the list of six strategies, so we reviewed those and the reasons for those. Then I had made copies with two short passages and a total of 8 questions. They did those and then we talked about the answers. They got tricked by the "does not" and "cannot be concluded." One can only hope that now they will really be on the lookout for those tomorrow.

Class A was irritating today. Chatty chatty chatty. I made them all stay for lunch detention and gave a vocab quiz, mostly from the words we learned in the context clue work from the other week. They all got loquacious and most got narcissism and shun. None of them got "infer." We do inference stuff all the time. These kids have holes in their heads, I swear.

I had Class C move the desks into rows before we got started, since that had to be done today and I had no time to do it on my own. It's quick work when there are thirty people helping out with something! Anyway, they were in rows and did their practice questions and they were awesome. Very quiet. I had to remind no one to not talk during the test. Sweet!

I will be proctoring for Class B tomorrow morning. As I've said, and as I'm sure it goes with any age or grade, they are a much better class first thing in the morning. So at least I won't have to be calming them down from bouncing off the walls. I just hope they bring plenty of sharpened pencils. As I told them, all of mine have been stolen, except for three broken ones. Klepto punks. They have MY NAME on them. Anyway, I'm not bringing in pencils for them tomorrow. Their ' 'homework' was to bring at least three number 2 pencils, and get a lot of rest and eat a good breakfast.
Loud E in Class A: "Ms C, you're our favorite ELA teacher."
Me: "I'm your only ELA teacher."
Loud E: "Oh, yeah."
Me: "Okay, who can tell us strategy number four? Little K?"
a few seconds go by...
Little K: "God, you never call on me!"
Me: "I just DID call on you, smarty."
Little K: "Oh. Okay then."

and after the lunch detention:
Little K, disprovingly: "Ms C, you used to be my favorite. Now you've changed."

So I made him stay and made him explain back to me WHY he had to leave the room during class. Oh, yeah. The endless talking and distracting others. Oh, right. Then it was back to normal. Silly thing.

Ooh, once I got home, I had time to snack and watch Sabrina. And then, I went to work out. I know! I was shocked too! It's been nearly two weeks. I joined a month ago and this was the FOURTH time I have set foot in there. Bad me!

It was tough but good. I'm a bit sore in the legs. I hope tomorrow I'm more sore. I really should be, cause it was a hard workout. And I am weak and unmuscled nowadays. Pathetic AND pasty!

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Pierre Jean Paul-A Fellow teacher at Commerce High said...

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