Friday, April 01, 2005

The Personal is Political

But the pope's health is front page spread, while poor Terri Shiavo's passing was a blurb on the side. I'm glad she finally got to rest. Hope the pope goes quickly and painlessly, for his sake.

In other news, it is Friday. I am happy and relieved.

For the Do Now today, I wrote this sentence on the board: "Since he was so loquacious, the class voted him Biggest Chatterbox." They fairly easily figured out that loquacious means talkative. Little K put it into a sentence. "Since I'm so loquacious in class, I got a phone call home." Hee! I laughed and said, "That is a very nice sentence."

I gave a differentiated test today--one fourth-grade-level, one sixth-grade-level, and one seventh-grade-level. Then gave them some time to compare their answers and strategies. I was surprised to see who got what right. I brought all the tests home for the weekend so I can look at their answers. Ugh.

I kind of hated Class B today, and they hated me a little bit too. That happens sometimes. I try to be as Zen as I can about it. It's tough while it's happening, but soon enough it's done. Monday is another day.

And Monday is still three days away--hurrah!

In non-hurrah news, report cards are due next Friday. BOO HOO!

Too tired and lame to think of something more interesting to write. Later, dudes.

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Pigs said...

Boo for report cards! Hang in there! Only one more round, right?