Sunday, April 17, 2005

Stupid short weekends

I hate that it's already early Sunday afternoon; I feel like I'm going to spend the rest of the day catching up on work and anxiously anticipating Monday, instead of enjoying this lovely Sunday.

Yesterday's volunteer work was neat. I arrived at the New York Cares office on time, only to wait around for another forty-five minutes. But I chatted with the other individuals who had signed up for this group. They all seemed like nice, interesting people.

Our project turned out to be playground beautification in Staten Island. I had never been there before (other than the ferry dock), so it was exciting to add another new place to my list. It didn't look any different than other parts of the city; it's more suburban, but so is Queens. Residential and mini-malls. So there you go.

The bus driver might have been new, because he kept having to stop for directions. In New Jersey.

All the work at the playground was painting. I joined three other girls around my age in painting the guard rails in the handball courts. Yeah, I don't know why the tall fence needed reinforcement of roadside guard rails, but oh well. We did some scraping and then painted them a nice lacquered black. It looked so pretty when we were done! We also scraped and repainted a flagpole base and a swingset.

We broke for lunch at Wendy's, then we had an hour to kill, because all the painting was just about completed. So a bunch of us played a pickup game of softball.

I had wanted to go to the after-party, but everyone was tired, so I went home. What did I do the rest of the night? Guess it wasn't much. Watched some tv, perhaps, and I watched Notting Hill on dvd. I so love Hugh Grant in that, and I so hate Julia Roberts in it. Half-watched SNL and went to bed after Weekend Update.

This morning I wasted two hours of dreams about lesson plans. I dreamt first that I had a class coming in, and we were in a different classroom, and I had zero lesson prepared. It was nerve-racking. Then I remembered that I had wanted to do a comma lesson this week, so I went through rules and examples of comma usage. While dreaming. Yes, apparently I can't even escape teacher life while in REM sleep. Pathetic!

I dragged myself up at 9.30 and after a few minutes of deliberation, decided to work out. I'm glad I did, too. I should have gone on Thursday, or Friday. But I didn't, out of sheer laziness. And "work to do." The workout was kind of similar to bodypump, not as demanding with weights, but with more reps.

From there I went to the grocery store, finally. I've been mostly out of real food all week.

Came home and opened up my resume and cover letter, my lesson plan sheet, and my article review work. Holy shit I have a lot to do. Boo hoo!

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