Friday, April 08, 2005

Smitten Kitten

That's me. I have been smote.

On Saturday evening and Thursday evening, I got to hang out with one of the nonAmerican boys I met while in Paris last January.

And oh, he is cute. Very cute. Also sarcastic and smart and well-traveled.

But, naturally, he's also taken.

In any case, it was a good lot of fun. Walking around the city in new and familiar areas, eating, talking about culture, travel, school, maps, etc.

It was so awesome. And so, I will probably never see him again, seeing as how he's nonAmerican.

Does that stop me from swooning, sighing, and smiling all over the place? Nope, not a bit.

Now for the non-smitten story. Blech.

I also had a date last weekend from an online site. It was blah. The guy was not bad-looking, but not exactly cute, either. I felt zero connection or chemistry. And he was trying a little too hard. He actually said at one point, "There's something sexy about libraries," a little too earnestly. Ew. After dinner, we went to walk on/stand on the nearby piers, and I think if I hadn't been huddled into my coat just enough standoffishly, that he would have tried to hold my hand or something grossly inappropriate like that.

He called on Wednesday, but I saw it was him and didn't pick up. He left a breezy little message, but I'm not going to call him back. My logical, sensical side says that I should give him another chance, but...meh. After the fantastic, easy, enjoyable time with the nonAmerican, it seems kind of pointless to attempt something with a boring someone.

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